Why Invest in South Florida?

Exit Strategy First. All the dimensions of success are part of the exit strategy you must plan first. Land outlives ownership and location outlives its value. As the song goes, "You gotta know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em."

Whether you are retiring to Florida, immigrating from elsewhere or simply investing for financial gain, it is just as important to know how you are going to sell what you've bought as it is to buy it right in the first place.

At Celtic Wind we believe that wealth is not measured by how much you accumulate while you are working, but, rather, how much others earn for you and how much you keep when you stop working. That's why our best advice is free--that you plan your EXIT first.

How many years will it take? How much is needed for retirement? What are your equity requirements and how are they earning now? Will you be bullish or bearish when you retire and how will you distribute responsibility to trustworthy advisors? How do you keep taxes low?

At CWI we work with you to plan for the future so that the burdens of the present are worth the risk of investment.

Five Keys to a Good Exit Strategy

Replacement Value. Replacement value is a critical metric for the investor's successful exit. South Florida represents one of the best property investment opportunities in the United States. Prices continue falling from their peaks in 2004-2006 to such a degree that savvy investors are able to purchase property sectors at about one third of their replacement value.

Cap Rates. Replacement values are dependent upon market demand. The key variable in successful investing in property is the ability to earn a gross return in excess of 20%. Certain sectors of the S. Florida property market are capable at today's prices of 40%.

Accumulating Property. Investing in property is a dynamic because it involves more paperwork and time to complete. The successful investor must learn trends, understand neighborhoods, work across property sectors and have the flexibility and patience for success. Miami offers one of the most dynamic property and employment markets with an established and secure financial community to meet the short term and long term goals of the investor.

South Florida's Milieu. No other property market in the United States has an appeal like south Florida. It has a continuing influx of North American retirees from the baby boom generation, a continuing flow of immigrants from the international community, a low cost of living, no state taxes, and hundreds of miles of tropical beaches.

A Good Support Team. Success begins with the right mix of the right expertise and experience. At Celtic Wind we offer a dramatic difference in your investment strategy. It's called 'no strings'. Our referral of licensed professional is all about education, skill and introductions through technology. You are the judge of who you want on your team. We simply introduce with the state of the art technology that will give you access to the best educated and most trustworthy professionals in South Florida.