A self made Entrepreneur

Born in the beautiful Clarendon, Jamaica, Nicola witnessed first hand the benefits of its country's independence from Britain. At a very early age, "economic freedom" was her sole motivation.

Clarendon was the ideal place to develop an independent, creative yet realistic personality. Growing up between large sugar cane fields and bauxite mining businesses, Nicola developed a great sense of hard work, competitiveness, and business trading skills. These, along with her passion for service, shaped up a solid structure for success.

After graduating from high school, Nicola earned the right to work in the most important bank in Jamaica, "Bank of Nova Scotia," where she learned all the corporate structure of the financial world. She later discovered a great opportunity to help grow and solidify her family's importing and wholesale distributing business. Today, the family business has grown, branched out, and continues its operations stronger, bigger and better than ever in Jamaica.

She got married and had two wonderful children while remaining in the family business until 2009, where she began purchasing properties and living in South Florida. This was a natural progression made by Nicole, due to her business-oriented personality.

Since then, Nicola has succeeded in the understanding of the immigrant and investor opportunities in South Florida's Real State market. She has found the formula for a secure, steady and highly profitable way to invest and live in South Florida.

Nicola Chin is the founder and creative force behind Celtic Wind Investment, a dynamic and fast growing company dedicated to advise investors from all over the world about the multiple business opportunities in South Florida. Personal advisories, live presentations, online seminar courses, and the talent and technology of unique web based resources, are all offered by CWI. These resources are indispensable when taking advantage and succeeding in today's business environment. If you are planning to move or invest in South Florida, contact Nicola Chin and experience the essence of the knowledgeable and well-educated professionals within her team. Celtic Wind Investment will make you feel beyond comfortable when making those important and life changing decisions. Celtic Wind Investment is known for providing the proper information, confidence and trust you need to succeed.